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This is the section that will add yet another dimension to your learning.  This is a gold mine of information that you will not be able to find anywhere else.  It is updated weekly with various guitar video lessons and grade preparation resources, so you will have your tutor with you as much as you need!  And if you forget how to do something we covered in your lesson, this is the first place you look for help!  Learning something outside of your guitar lessons for your band but you can`t nail something?  The answer may well be here... To access the exclusive content, simply log in at the top of the screen using your username and password.

Exclusive Guitar Content:

Warm ups
You should make sure you know how to warm up your fingers correctly and know how to stretch them ready for your practise.  You don't see a sprinter running a race without warming up right?  There are exercises for that in here so you can hit the board running!

Essential licks
These will get you started in soloing!  Includes effective blues and rock licks that you can implement into your guitar playing immediately!

Basic techniques
These are often overlooked techniques with some pitfalls many students get stuck with.  Improve your slides, string bend in tune, pull-offs and hammers-on, and increase trill and picking speed!

Flash licks
Impress you mates with some excitement in your solos!  These are fast, repeated licks that are used by the world's greatest guitarists to inject intensity, and learn how to come up with your own!

Solo finishers
Just when your guitar playing couldn't burn any hotter, you will learn how to finish that guitar solo on a high!

Tasty blues licks
Learn how to incorporate licks that are similar to all the great guitarists in the world, so if you want to add a Stevie Ray Vaughan flavour to your playing, or add some John Mayer to your arsenal, you`ll find it here!

Tasty rock licks
Learn to rock out like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Richie Sambora, Angus Young, Van Halen and many more!

Guitar solos and riffs
Whether it`s Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, AC/DC, Metallica, Van Halen, you`re covered!  Broken down section by section in easy to digest pieces!  We take requests too!

Classic and contemporary chart songs
We all love to play the coolest songs ever written.  It's a great way to understand how to apply the knowledge you are acquiring and will broaden your knowledge of other styles too.  They will be broken down section by section, from Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, to Daft Punk and Bruno Mars!

Exam/Gig/Audition prep
Everything you need to prepare for that big moment!  From beating stage fright to getting that elusive distinction in your exam, and a gold mine of resources on sight reading and ear training.  These materials are scarce and difficult to find usually, but not here!  We have you covered!

Speed trainer
Master those difficult phrases and then get them up to speed with our speed trainer, a simple metronome that gets steadily faster!

Advanced techniques and licks
More advanced guitar players will find this very useful!  Learn tapping, dynamics, sweep picking, pinched harmonics, tapped harmonics, harp harmonics and many more!

Improve your tone
Learn how to get different sounds and tones from your gear, which will help you when you want to delve into different styles and how to achieve that killer tone you want, including using different fx!

Killer Vibrato
Improve your vibrato from the ground up.  Everyone a slightly different vibrato taste and this section will teach you how to change your vibrato to suit different styles, like BB King, Zakk Wylde, Eric Clapton and Steve Vai!  From here, you can develop your own personal sound!

Nothing broadens your musical knowledge than playing in different styles, and we have all the main genres covered from rock, funk, metal, pop and jazz!

Extended chords
If you get bored playing standard open chords, you can spice up your guitar playing with more advanced chords and apply them to the songs you already know, and even learn how to change a rock song into a jazz ballad!

Just browsing?
Then check out our blog where you will find useful links and information, such as local music shops, local rehearsal rooms, where to buy instruments, equipment, links to backing tracks, and much more!

Much more planned!


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