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This is the section that will add yet another dimension to your learning.  This is a gold mine of information that you will not be able to find anywhere else.  It is updated weekly with various drum video lessons and grade preparation resources, so you will have your tutor with you as much as you need!  And if you forget how to do something we covered in your lesson, this is the first place you look for help!  Learning something outside of your drum lessons for your band but you can`t nail something? The answer may well be here... To access the exclusive content, simply log in at the top of the screen using your username and password.

Exclusive Drums Content:

Classic & Contemporary Songs
Everyone loves learning tracks they know and love. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge of styles and boost creativity in your own unique playing. In this section of the exclusive content we will break down classic and contemporary songs, section by section, with the transcript visible within the video as well as viewable in full as an attached PDF. These are specific to what our students want to learn so feel free to give us your suggestions!

We cover all popular styles of music such as: Rock, Pop, Funk, Reggae, Jazz & Latin. Plus, we cover the derivatives of each style such as: Punk, Afro-cuban, R&B, Hip-Hop, Disco & Bossa-nova to name a select few! Learning these styles will teach you the creativity and control to excel as a modern drummer in such a competitive industry.

Warm Ups
Practice pad sticking exercises. There will be warm ups applied to each grade so no matter what level you are, there will a variety of effective warm ups for you.

Rudiment Study
As well as learning the 40 essential rudiments, you will also see them work in context. We will apply these rudiments to groove and fill ideas around the drum kit so you can incorporate them to your playing. These will help expand your creativity and fluidity around the drums.

We cover a range of different sticking and foot techniques such as: Moeller, Push/Pull, Heel/Toe & Slide. These are the fundamentals for gaining speed, control & finesse in your playing. We teach you these as a part of your private lessons and by having access to our free online video content, you will be able to watch them in practice and in different contexts, so you will never go wrong by learning bad technique. 

Limb Independence
From basic independence to advance, you will have access to an extensive amount exercises to get your hands and feet working independently. These will open a whole new realm of possibilities in your playing allowing you to be comfortable in any style.

Like with independence exercises, you will understand polyrhythms so you can get creative with your grooves/fills to become a unique drummer.

Having a practical understanding of dynamics is a key aspect to becoming a great drummer. You will learn how to apply dynamic control around the drum kit adding extra elements to your playing. You can be the fastest, flashiest player in the world but if you can control the dynamics as well, everyone will want to hire you!

Time Signatures
Exploring different time signatures is good fun and a great way to train your brain to hear music in a more unique way. You will learn a variety of time signatures using different concepts around the kit that will impress your fellow band mates. Now you can throw the odd bar of 5/4 into your 4/4 groove and turn some heads!

We will take the mystery out of how to perform drum solos by incorporating: rudiments, independence and dynamic control into your performance. It’s easier than you think.

Swing Vs Straight
As a drummer and a musician in general it’s important to be able to get the right ‘feel’ for the music you’re performing. Typically, this is split into two different styles: Swing & Straight. You will learn the difference between two and how to apply them on a basic through to an advanced level.

Sight Reading
You’ll have access to countless sight reading examples that vary in difficulty. If you’re studying for your grade exams, we have extensive sight reading resources for each level that you won’t find anywhere else. Your sight reading will be top-notch by the time your exam comes around. Besides, if there is anything you’re unsure of, we will go over it in lessons and keep you perfectly on track!

Ear Tests
You will have plenty of ear tests to work through at your own speed, applicable to each grade. These ear tests are presented to you in exam format so you will be fully prepared and confident in getting that distinction!

Exam/Gig/Audition Prep
Tips in getting that elusive distinction. Apply these techniques and you will find all aspects of the exam a breeze! Preparing for your first gig? Whether it’s for fun or for professional work, we will train you up so you know what to expect. Approaching a daunting audition? We will help you prepare so feel fully confident during the audition process.

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Then check out our blog where you will find useful link and information such as: local music shops, local rehearsal rooms, where to buy instruments, equipment, links to backing tracks and much more!

Plus much more coming soon!

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